Richelle Gilsdorf Student Success, Certified Advisor What her peers say anonymously:  Richelle Gilsdorf exemplifies “Students First” in all that they do. She is the first to jump in and help with support for any student, even when she is not part of their caseload, when students are challenged with an issue. She goes above and… Read More

Veronica Buendia NVC Library Assistant Core Value – Integrity What her peers say anonymously: Veronica’s (pictured in the middle) work ethic is commendable. She goes above and beyond of her duties and responsibilities to make sure our students succeed. Veronica is always looking for an opportunity to improve her work area and is always eager… Read More

Corina Garcia NVC Dual Credit Student Success Specialist Core Value—Integrity What her peers say anonymously: Whether part of the team or individually, Corina wears many hats and works hard to help our students persevere in their success as potential graduates of NVC. Corina goes beyond what her title implies and helps brainstorm creative solutions for… Read More

Here are the Employees of the Month for October and November: November: Felicia King Certified Academic Advisor, Student Success Felicia goes above and beyond in work. She’s always on top of tasks and projects given. She not only works well within the department, but engages and networks with faculty and staff outside of the department. Felicia demonstrates a strong… Read More

Aryn Edwards Vista Central Senior Advisor What her peers say anonymously: Aryn Edwards shows a work ethic that can’t be matched. She is very creative and has displayed that in many of our projects. She has gone the extra mile to make sure that the ideas of staff are brought into fruition. Aryn has been… Read More

Angelica Acosta “Annie” Advising Team Support-Advising What her peers say anonymously: Annie works daily to support a large team of advisors by proactively anticipating upcoming events and deadlines and determining what resources are needed. Just as often, she addresses the immediate needs of students that are in person or on the phone, reacting with professionalism… Read More

Sara Reyes Information & Communication Technologies What her colleagues say anonymously:  Sara learns quickly and applies what she learns to each situation. Many customers compliment Sara to (IT). She has never called in or been late to work, and relays messages to the team without anyone asking her to do it. Sara was nominated because she… Read More

NVC Employee of the Month Angel Vega, Student Success, Veteran Affairs What his co-workes say anonymously …. Angel Vega willingly works together well with each team member without hesitation. He maintains a positive attitude while assisting co-workers and students … and promotes a positive image. It is said that Angel goes above and beyond to… Read More

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Graciela Sanchez Student Success Advising Team Support Specialist Graciela Sanchez was recently nominated Northwest Vista College Employee of the Month at the September Bragging Breakfast meeting. Her colleagues said she has a great attitude. She is always very positive and is always willing to go the extra mile for her team and students. Graciela is… Read More

Congratulations to NVC IT’s Jose Olivares for receiving Employe of the Month, Here’s what his co-workers say anonymously: “The whole college knows that they can depend on him to fix any problem that they throw his way. He never turns down a job, even if it isn’t the request he’s there for.” “Jose is a… Read More

Larry Trejo NVC IT Information System Specialist What his co-workers say anonymously: “He is dependable and can be relied on to get a job done.  He takes the initiative and goes an extra mile to help his customers get their issues resolved. He never hesitates to take on any challenge or difficult task. He can be… Read More