NVCsi Season 7 is Making a Comeback!

NVCsi Season 7 is making a Come Back! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 8 from 9 am to 3 pm for the annual event. 

Dr. Mary Zocchi of the Math department said “we are in the initial planning phase – this is a campus-wide event, held outside. Think of it like a science fair where all the departments and services can have a display about SAFETY, CRIME, INVESTIGATION, and RESEARCH. The connecting theme underlying the Crime Scene is math (since the funds are coming through the math department SAF allotment). The idea is that math is everywhere…you cannot escape.”

Mary said they need areas to either create their own activity or volunteer at the crime scene. Volunteers are needed to hand out passports, prizes and snacks. 

Here’s a list of past activities and which group supported it.

  • ACPD: Crime Scene set up

  • Math: Blood Spatter analysis (Robert C has already volunteered to do this again)

  • Psychology: sensory attributes & inductive reasoning

  • Art: Crime scene photography and drawing

  • Biology: DNA analysis

  • Wellness/Access: PTSD and coping skills

  • Advocacy: Food Bank – knowing how to serve first responders and those affected by a crisis

  • Risk Management: Drunk Driving (Goggles) and MADD

  • Library: Research

  • English: report Writing  (Tina has volunteered to do Crime Fiction!)

  • Speech: Interviewing witnesses

  • IT: Cyber security – preventing identity theft

  • LGBTQ+

  • Career Experiences (Abreetta Bonner is volunteering her team to help with careers in Forensic Sciences)

  • Criminal Justice: they had speakers, as well as career

  • Peace & Conflict

  • Engineering: Skid mark analysis (just how fast were you going?)

Let Mary know if you would like to participate. Let’s make Season 7 outstanding! 

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