NVC’s Adelante Mujeres Receives Participatory Budget Award

Dr. Janie Scott and Dr. Yolanda Reyes Guevara are recent awardees of the Alamo College District Participatory Budget process. Below is the description of their program:

¡Adelante Mujeres! – NVC

This program is designed to guide Latina students in their pursuit of completion, transfer and continued academic success, and to provide a space for Latina students to explore education beyond the associate degree. This program would allow Latina students the ability to come into a non-judgmental space to inquire and aspire to future educational goals, like a Master’s degree or Ph.D.

  • Student programming: A series of monthly “Cafesitos” will be held on campus to network with Latina faculty and staff. The purpose of these networking events is to give students an opportunity to get to know validating agents at NVC. One fall and one spring speaker event will feature local Latinas who have achieved post-baccalaureate credentials to talk about their journey through higher education into their chosen fields. One fall and one spring workshop will provide students access to resources and mentoring opportunities. Resources may include books or other instructional items.

  • Professional development: One professional development session for faculty and staff volunteers will be held to ensure that they have the resources and knowledge to support Latina students in their conversations and development. Faculty and staff will develop an understanding of Validation Theory. (Rendon, L. & Munoz, S.M. (2011). Revisiting validation theory: Theoretical foundations, applications, and extensions. Enrollment Management Journal, Summer 2011.)

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