NVC’s 2021 Commencement Is One for the Books

By Dr. Ric Baser
President, Northwest Vista College

My father used to say that, “When you miss it, you miss it.” This year’s commencement was one for the memory books. The cruise-thru event held at Dub Farris Athletic Stadium Complex was filled with joy and community spirit that was unmatched with other graduation ceremonies that Northwest Vista College has had before the pandemic.

For the first time in our college’s 25 year history, NVC faculty, staff and community witnessed graduates accept their diplomas with their family literally at their side. Each of the graduates had the opportunity to share a few words on camera and many of them did, thanking their family and friends, some of whom were watching the livestream in other states and countries.

This was a memorable conclusion to this past year filled with challenges and uncertainties for our students, faculty and staff as we navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic and its many roadblocks. An estimated 500 vehicles filled with our graduates and their families participated in the event. We also had outstanding participation and energy from NVC faculty and staff who were dancing, jumping and singing on the drive-thru path.

I was moved by the heartfelt appreciation expressed by graduates toward NVC faculty and staff, by their sharing of stories of their personal achievement, by their goals, hopes and dreams that they readily shared via the livestream. To see NVC graduates accept their diplomas while at the same time holding tight to their children, parents and pets was a sight not to be missed.

I would like to thank all the faculty and staff who participated in the ceremony and behind the scenes. I would also like to thank the Commencement Planning Committee, under the direction of Dr. Lisa McGoldrick, for their creativity in making this event so memorable.

If you did not get to see this joyous celebration or if you want to see it again, here are several ways you can do that:

  • Watch the 2021 Commencement Highlights here.
  • Watch the 3-hour Commencement Drive Thru including slides from graduates here.
  • Time-lapse video can be found here.

NVC Graduation Committee:

  1. Dr. Lisa McGoldrick- chair
  2. Dr. Randall Garza
  3. Jonathon Gonzales
  4. Sharon Dresser
  5. Alice Martinez
  6. Paul Vallejo
  7. Tyrell Schwab
  8. Valerie Vasquez