NVC Psychology Gets Wildcat Spirit Award

Wildcat Spirit Award 

Given by NVC Faculty Brian Stout – Previous Wildcat Spirit Award

The people receiving this month’s spirit award had a tremendous impact on my family. My daughter arrived at NVC in 2018  Her first semester, we wanted to put her in a course that would spark a passion within her.

We suggested she take Jennifer Fox’s Human Sexuality course.  Jennifer created a safe classroom environment where my daughter felt comfortable being herself.  Madison entered as an art major, but one semester with Jennifer and she switched to psychology.  The compassion and care she received didn’t stop with Jennifer.  Anna Marie Evans was a strong advocate for students, leading the psychology club at the time. 

Liz Wright became my daughter’s confidant, due to her approachable demeanor and fun classroom environment.  Katie Phillips really prepared my daughter to be successful using statistics in her research and always championed her abilities.  Finally, Don, exposed my daughter to research opportunities and helped build her confidence in presenting her findings in public.  

Now just over 4 years later my daughter is in grad school at UTSA doing research and maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  The treatment the psychology faculty extended to her is not exclusive.  This is who they are.  They provide this care to all of their students.  I can’t think of another group that consistently goes above and beyond the classroom to display the true spirit of NVC. 

And the Wildcat Spirit Award goes to… Psychology Department! 

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