Making Human Rights Reality: NVC is Taking the Lead

The 17th International Human Rights Summit was held in New York at the United Nations building in early July. The theme for the summit was “IMAGINE: EQUALITY. DIGNITY. UNITY — Youth Making it a Reality.”

Youth and adult delegates, educators, and advocates for Human Rights attended from all over the world. Dr. Haetham Abdul-Razaq, Northwest Vista College’s sociology coordinator, represented NVC and as the United for Human Rights-Alamo chapter president.

On July 6, the president of YHRI, Mary Shuttleworth, opened the conference with speeches from Member States Representatives and guest speakers.

Dr. Abdul-Razaq participated in a panel discussion: “Education Institutions and Human Rights Education” to share with the audience the progress of implementing Human Rights materials and activities in the sociology curriculum since the spring of 2018. Dr. Abdul-Razaq also informed the audience about the role and importance of the Peace Center of San Antonio and the significance of having the center at NVC.

On July 7, the summit continued with presentations and workshops. Dr. Abdul-Razaq was selected to sign and read the Human Rights for Education proclamation in front of the audience. Dr. Abdul-Razaq stated,

“It was a great honor and privilege to represent our compassionate city of San Antonio, the peace center of San Antonio, and Northwest Vista College at the summit. Being selected to sign and read the proclamation of Human Rights for Education spoke volumes on the dedication of Northwest Vista College in promoting and supporting Human Rights, especially in education.” Northwest Vista College continues to lead the effort to promote peace, compassion, and Human Rights.

You can access the recordings of the summit for 6 and 7 July by clicking or copying and pasting the following links:

Day #1 – Thursday, July 6th

Part 1: United Nations Web TV:

Part 2: United Nations Web TV:

Day #2 – Friday, July 7th

Part 3: United Nations Web TV

Part 4: United Nations Web TV



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