NVC Library Family Study Room

The NVC library has partnered with Student Success to create the NVC Library Family Study Room.

Designed for NVC students with young children, it offers a quiet, private area for students to study while caring for their children. The family-friendly space is housed in the library, on the 1st floor of the Redbud Learning Center (RLC). 

NVC Librarian Angela Bilbe, who was herself a parent in college is extremely excited to announce the new library service.

“There is a stigma when it comes to young parents bringing children to the library,” said Angela. “We want to create a safe, welcoming space for all students. I want parents to feel encouraged to study in the library, and to empower parents to utilize the library resources and show their children the wonders of learning and the library.”

Facilities include:

  • Adult high circular table able to accommodate 4 people.

  • Lego table with small chairs suitable for children.

  • A small selection of toys, puzzles, and games.

  • A collection of age appropriate books curated by the NVC librarians.

  • Space for a stroller/baby carrier.

The Family Study Room is available as a walk in, first come, first served basis. Priority for the room will be given to users who are accompanied by children.

The NVC library is committed to providing support and resources to all students for academic, career, and employment success.


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