Faculty Student Mentoring Brags

The Northwest Vista College faculty-student mentoring program consists of a partnership between faculty (the mentors) and students (the mentees).

The purpose of mentoring is to provide students with greater individual attention to enable students to fulfill their potential as students, professionals, and community members. Mentors can help students transition to college, find needed resources, meet other students, get involved with a student organization, plan for a career, develop marketable skills, and transfer to a university. To learn more, go here.

Here’s some recent brags:

New Mentors:

  • Sarah Ball
  • Abel Garza

Current Mentors and Mentees:

  • Mentors: 86
  • Mentees: 130


Mentor: Timothy Molina
Mentee: Julie Salazar – Was a recent guest speaker on the Mass Comm Podcast hosted by Tim Molina and Mass Comm adjunct faculty member Mark Farris.

Mentor: Eric Madrid

Mentee: Paul Polis – Medical School at UT Austin
Mentee: Jazmin Salinas – Masters Program at UTSA

Mentor: Nadia Bakdash

Mentee: Alicia Walker – Nursing program at Duquesne University
Mentee – Audrey Burnette – Doctor of Osteopathy at UT Dallas


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