Excelencia in Education

In partnership with Excelencia in Education and the Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE), Northwest Vista College is participating in the pilot project Community Colleges Transforming by Engaging Latino Students

This project will help cohort participants to identify priorities and strategies that accelerate Latino student success; and we will develop and implement data-informed action plans to intentionally serve Latino students while serving all. The project kicked off in June at a convening held in Austin. 

During the convening, participants were introduced to the curriculum and introduced to the coaching institution. The main focus of the convening was on assessing, reflecting, planning, and discussing crucial implementation of data-informed action plans.


  • Debi Gaitan, Interim President

  • Janie Scott, Director of Strategic Initiatives

  • Robin Lund, Dean for Student Success

  • Yolanda Reyes Guevara, Interim Dean for Student Success

  • Russ Frohardt, Dean for Academic Success

  • Bobby Ayala, Dean for Academic Success

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