Co-Creating the Future of NVC

NVC Leadership Message
Erin Sherman, NVC Vice President of College Services 

We are engaged in two significant opportunities to co-create the future direction of Northwest Vista College, enabling us to collectively center on supporting our students, community, and one another. The development and implementation of the NVC strategic plan and Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) are opportunities for us to unite, collaborate, and innovate.  

The development of the 2023-2028 strategic plan is underway. The strategic plan will shape our goals and guide our future focus. The opportunities to participate in the process thus far have challenged us to shift to strategic thinking. Maintaining strategic thinking through the development, implementation, and assessment phases opens us to innovation and new possibilities. For me, sustaining strategic thinking can be challenging within the daily swirl, and I invite you to join me in taking the time to reflect and consider ideas that differ from default assumptions that open us to new ways of thinking. Together we will shape how we serve our students, our community, and one another.  

We are also engaged in the development of our next QEP. The QEP is formed through our ongoing planning and evaluation processes and is designed to improve student learning outcomes and/or student success. A key component in creating the QEP is providing broad institutional input. Like strategic planning, the QEP provides the opportunity to engage in strategic thinking to innovate the way we serve.

We are in exciting times influencing the future of NVC. Our students and our community deserve our proactive engagement in the shaping of our strategic plan and QEP.

TOGETHER we can focus on progress and transformation! Thank you to the teams who have been instrumental in leading the strategic planning and QEP development processes! And thank you to all of you who have engaged in the opportunity to build our future!


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