New Building Names

Thank you for helping NVC select names for the STEM building and the future renovated Cypress Campus Center. The new STEM building will be called Cedar Elm STEM Center and the Cypress Campus Center will be renamed as Cypress Cultural Center.

Survey results are below.

STEM Building:

  • 42.7% – Cedar Elm STEM Center
  • 25.4% – Cedar Elm Hall
  • 15% – Mexican Sycamore STEM Center
  • 8% – Mexican Sycamore Hall
  • 8.9% – Other (please specify)

Cypress Campus Building:

  • 82.5% – Cypress Cultural Center
  • 17.5% – Other (Specify)

Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia) is a hardy, drought tolerant shade tree that is fast-growing and long-living. It can withstand adverse conditions and, unlike other elms, Cedar Elm has flowers and fruit in the fall. The symbolism of this tree is associated with strength and endurance.

Cypress (Cupressus) is a common name of different kinds of species of cypress. They love full sun and grow very tall as high as 70 feet. The symbolism of this tree is associated with the heavens, immortality and hope.

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