Board Approves Living Wage Increase

The Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees approved on March 19 a Living Wage of $15.00 for full-time employees and $12.50 for part-time/temporary employees including work study students and students employed in non-work study positions effective September 1, 2019 for all individuals employed on that date and, a minimum Full-time Living Wage rate for new hires of $14.70.

The San Antonio Express-News said in a story on March 20:

“The $15 hourly wage represents a 30 percent increase over the current minimum in the district of five community colleges.

The minimum hourly wage for part-time and temporary employees — including work-study and other student workers — went up to $12.50. That’s a 39 percent raise for work-study employees and a 25 percent increase for other part-time and temporary workers.

All the raises take effect Sept. 1. New full-time employees will be hired at a minimum hourly rate of $14.70, so existing employees can keep the benefit of seniority.

‘We’re pleased,’ said Linda Boyer-Owens, associate vice chancellor of human resources, after the vote. ‘It’s the first step in what we need to do for market competitiveness.'” …

“About four years ago, the Alamo Colleges District raised its minimum wage for full-time employees from $10.12 to $11.50 per hour. Part-time and temporary employees were brought to $10 per hour and the minimum for work-study employees became $9 per hour.”

To read the full story, go here (you will need a subscription to read the full story).

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