Wildcat Spirit Award – Jeanette Robles

From Erica Arcos of NVC Natural & Physical Sciences: Bestowing the Wildcat Spirit Award to Jeanette Robles, NVC Academic Lab technician.

“I would like to thank Dustin Smyth, Geology Faculty, for awarding me the Wildcat Spirit Award in May or better yet the whole summer.  

Willie and I had fun this summer working 10-hour shifts together, attending Family Fun Days, and Employee Picnic, and learning how to play Pickleball for Wellness. But then August came and we had to get back in the swing of things with registration.

Willie is now well-trained in the Natural & Physical Sciences Department. I taught Willie about all the prerequisites for all of our courses, how to deal with student waitlists, canceled courses, drops for non-payment, and everything else that gets thrown my way as an Admin.

Now it’s time to pass Willie over to someone who some may or may not know on campus because this person has been behind the scenes for the past 20 years. This person moved from LOH to CESC in three weeks and managed to push through fall 2022 setting up seven different lab rooms for Chemistry, Physics, and Genetics all while unpacking boxes.

This person trains student workers, interns, and part-timers on proper lab safety, how to prepare chemicals for labs, stock/clean labs after every lab, and the least favorite part of the job is washing all the glassware used for the labs. But despite it all, she comes to work every day and gets it done for the students and faculty.

Let’s all congratulate, Jeanette Robles, NVC’s Academic Laboratory Technician.


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