The Call to Serve

As we begin to wind down our academic year at NVC, I am reminded of the unique purpose that sets us apart from other institutions of higher education. At our core, we are called to serve our community by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality education to all who seek it. This purpose is more important than ever as we navigate the challenges of the current higher educational climate.

The call to serve should be a fundamental part of all community college’s ethos. We are not just here to teach, but also to support, empower, and uplift our students, many of whom face significant barriers to educational attainment. We are here to help them succeed, not just in the classroom, but in their lives and careers.

But the call to serve is not just for our students. It is also for us, as members of the college community, our NVC familia. We are here to serve each other, to collaborate and innovate, to share our expertise and support each other’s growth and development. We are here to serve our community, to listen to their needs and aspirations, and to respond with programs, services, and initiatives that meet those needs.

At its best, service is not just a job or a duty, but a calling. It is a vocation that requires dedication, commitment, and a deep sense of purpose. It is a way of being in the world that recognizes our interconnectedness and our responsibility to each other.

So, as we close out on the academic year, I applaud all of us that embrace the call to serve in all its dimensions. Let us approach our work with a spirit of generosity, empathy, and compassion. Let us continue to be open to new ideas, new perspectives, and new possibilities. Let us continue to be willing to take risks, to try new things, and to learn from our mistakes. And let us always keep in mind the larger purpose of our work: to make an intentional, meaningful, authentic difference in the lives of our students, our colleagues, and our community.

In closing, I want to express my gratitude and admiration for all that you do as members of our NVC familia. Your dedication, your expertise, and your passion are what make our community college a special place. Let us continue to work together with a shared sense of purpose and a commitment to service that honors the legacy of Northwest Vista College.

Con Ustedes,

Bobby Ayala, Ph.D.
NVC Dean for Academic Success

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