Salesforce – A New Way to Onboard Students

NVC Leadership Message
Robin Lund, Dean for Student Success – Advising and Enrollment

We are excited to share updates on the implementation of SalesForce, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool used to support incoming students.  

With SalesForce, we will be able to provide students with a more personalized, real-time experience and enable the Onboarding Admissions team to engage in a more targeted approach and reduce manual strategies. With this move forward, we are implementing a goal from our onboarding strategy for the college’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP). This tool is also shared through the District’s SEMP. 

This initial SalesForce launch provides support for incoming First Time in College students for fall 2023 who are part of the AlamoPROMISE and College Connection programs.  

District and college teams have been working diligently with consultants over the past couple of months to provide feedback and direction on what is needed to best support our students. On October 26, we marked the “Go Live” for Phase I. 

Phase I focused on standing up “Marketing Cloud,” a platform within SalesForce that creates personalized messaging for students. As a result of the work, an automated “Journey” (SalesForce naming convention for a communication plan) was created to provide a personalized checklist of the next steps for incoming students.  This message will continue to be sent to incoming students throughout the next several months to help drive students to complete the required steps for registration. This automated messaging will help alleviate some of the manual work that was being done to create personalized and consistent messaging. Many thanks to Steven Rocha, Yolanda Reyes Guevara, and Renata Serafin for their leadership in our Phase I work; we could not have moved forward without their talents.   

On November 9, we kicked off Phase II of SalesForce implementation, which focuses on the development of the core functionality of the CRM that will be used by college admissions teams to help manage caseloads and view student onboarding progress. As with Phase I, we are participating in several “discovery” sessions with consultants that will guide them in creating the infrastructure needed to support processes and our vision for how we need to support our students.  The projected completion date for Phase II work is in mid-spring. We look forward to building upon this new resource and look forward to the possibilities that will come.

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