NVC Volunteers Help Support Pop-Up Food Market

Northwest Vista College has continued to support students, employees and the community by partnering with the San Antonio Food Bank to host Pop-Up Markets to help mitigate food insecurity locally. The first one at NVC was on April 1.

In true Wildcat spirit, numerous volunteer and various NVC departments collaborated to make the event a success. Volunteers loaded fresh meat, produce, and dairy into the vehicles of over 100 families providing enough sustenance to last several days. The next Pop-Up Market at NVC is April 29 from 3 pm -5 pm and more events will continue through the summer. Register here to take part.

According to the San Antonio Food Bank COVID-19 Impact Report the pandemic demanded a dramatic shift in services from the Food Bank. Mobile, COVID-safe food distributions in large parking lots across the region became the norm for people needing food. Of the more than 92 million pounds of food handled by the Food Bank in the last year, an estimated 62% was distributed through these new mobile food distributions. Overall, 625,000 individuals received a food benefit in the last year.

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