NVC Shares 4DX Journey with Education Service Centers

A group of Education Service Center (ESC-20) representatives from across Texas visited Northwest Vista College on Tuesday, August 1st to learn about NVC’s experience with the 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) process.

Hosted by NVC 4DX Lead Dr. Janie Scott and 4DX Coach Felix Salinas  Jr. the purpose was to share NVC’s journey and best practices. Educational Service Center representatives heard about NVC’s journey from initial information gathering on the 4DX model to current practices.

Director of Information & Communications Technology Felix Salinas Jr. provided an overview of NVC’s timeline with 4DX as well as the role of 4DX Champions and 4DX Coaches. He also defined the purpose for 4DX Huddles that take place weekly at the team level.

Samples of various department WIG scoreboards from across the college were on display. Three college areas shared their Wildly Important Goal (WIG) presentations. Mathematics and Engineering Chair Qiaoying “Joy” Zhou shared her team’s WIG on increasing the number of students being supported/advised during office hours by 50%.  Jonathon Gonzales, coordinator for Records and Residency reflected on his team’s journey on increasing graduation audit efforts. Coordinator of NVC Risk Management Garvin Dansby shared his WIG on providing a safe learning environment for employees and students.


Among attendees was Alamo Colleges District Lead Dr. Valarie White who provided a district-wide prospective and reflection on the institutional-wide journey of performance excellence.

A question-and-answer session followed the main presentation with Education Service Center representatives inquiring about employee engagement, efficiency of the score boards, and the importance of using the tool to improve performance in activities the teams already do.

The sessions were followed by a NVC college tour.

The Education Service Center, Region 20, consists of 20 regional agencies within Texas. Their purpose is to collaborate with school districts and assist them in improving student performance and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations. San Antonio’s ESC 20 serves a total of 58 districts in Texas with 15 of them located in Bexar County. There are nearly a half of million students being served by the Centers.   

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