NVC Library Community Outreach to Young Readers

Northwest Visa College Librarian Angela “Bilbe,” Bilbe was delighted to take part in the first annual Information Literacy Night at Carlos Coon Elementary School, a few miles from the college. 

NVC Math instructor Wes Anderson, whose wife, Sandy, is a Reading Specialist at Coon as well as an adjunct Education instructor at NVC, invited Bilbe to come and host a table at the event. To promote reading, Bilbe gave out scented bookmarks and invited children to make their own pumpkin bookmarks. 

“I love to read,” one little boy said to Bilbe. Another, eyeing the NVC Library tablecloth, said, “Ooh, that’s where Auntie goes to school.” 

Lifelong readers get their start in elementary school, and it is important for children to realize that information literacy will be a part of their lives from elementary school forward. The event was a big success: over 300 children, their families, and community members took part. 

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