College Services Welcomes New Employees

The College Services teams of Northwest Vista College recently welcomed new employees. Additionally, its Information Technologies & Communications team recently snagged its first-ever NVC Emerging Leaders Trusted Department Award.

New Part-Time Health and Safety Officers:

  • Yasmine Gonzales
  • Mike Quintanilla
  • Bryanna Garibay
  • Sofia Flores

NVC IT Welcomes New Up and Coming Technologists:

    • NEW NVC IT Work Studies
      • Adrian Davila
      • Priscilla Badillo
      • Javier Morales
      • Ethan Arballo
    • NEW NVC IT Moves
      • Tamas Ferenczi – Joined the NVC IT Network Team from NVC IT First Responders
      • Brenden Hale – Promoted to Computer Support Technician
    • NEW Employees
      • Joseph Sifuentes returned to NVC IT Help Desk, hired as Information System Specialist
      • Mathew Flores joined the NVC AppsDev team as Digital Media Specialist

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