NVC and Dell Partner on New Sales Professional Badge for Students

By 2030, Dell Technologies is on a mission to get 25% of its workforce comprised of African American and Hispanic employees and 40% of its workforce at least women. It’s hoping to achieve that by working with community colleges, universities, HBCUs/HSIs to bring more diversity in the workplace. Northwest Vista College could help with that and has benefited from a Dell partnership that started in 2021.

Through Dell’s program called “Changing the Face of Tech,” their strategy includes mentorships, internships and full-time opportunities at colleges and universities.

Since 2021, Dell has ingrained itself at NVC by joining the President’s Office Business Council and quickly gave a $20,000 donation to endow a scholarship. It’s employees helped to assist NVC’ MOVE program, which is geared toward supporting male students, and Dell has been piloting different programs to get students in tech workforce. They also have summer and fall virtual programs in the works at NVC.

Also this fall semester, the company and Alamo Colleges, with NVC leading the way, will start a micro-credentialing, digital badges, marketable skills program. NVC’s Dr. Lisa McGoldrick wrote a grant for this new program that was funded by the Alamo Colleges Participatory Budgeting for innovative project proposals.

Micro-pathways offer learners a sequence of learning experiences that can increase their employability and provide access to certificate and degree programs. Micro-pathways are composed of a minimum of two short-term, stackable credentials that can typically be completed in a year or less. Micro-pathways are flexible in order to provide options to best meet students’ needs.

NVC Dean Russ Frohardt said this Dell partnership which includes the micro-credential pathway with NVC’s Customer Sales program is the first of its kind that includes college credentials (Occupational Skills Award and Level 1 Certificate), as well as micro-credentials from Alamo Colleges.

Why a Micro-pathway?

The goal of a micro-pathway is to provide students with a means to increase their social mobility in a series of progressive steps while providing shareable credentials. This pathway provides students an on-ramp to the NVC Customer Service/Sales Operations Level I Certificate with the added opportunity of an employer-validated certificate from Dell Technologies called Career Ready Sales Professional.

Who does this serve?

The pathway provides Northwest Vista College and Dell Technologies a means to serve students who may have limited career options and/or other obstacles to social mobility.

What are the Value Propositions for Students?

The pathway provides students with a clear path of stackable courses and credentials that can increase their job competitiveness quickly while working toward larger career goals. Students who complete the pathway will gain a certificate with a digital badge and a mock interview from Dell Technologies, as well as a digital badge, an Occupational Skills Award, and a Level 1 Certification from Northwest Vista College.

How will this work?

Northwest Vista College will advertise this pathway this fall semester as an opportunity for students and facilitate the for-credit student experience. Dell Technologies will market this opportunity to their training participants and facilitate the Career Ready Sales Professional certificate for students who opt in. Alamo Colleges Online will provide support upon request.

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