Moving Diversity Forward – Professional Development for Employees

Diversity is one of the touchstones of Northwest Vista College. But the last few years have revealed that organizations have to go beyond surface-level diversity and actively embrace equity and inclusion to better serve students and its community,

To help crack the surface, the NVC Black Lives Matter-Association and the Collaborative for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justices have partnered to put on monthly Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) professional development workshops. Employees are encouraged to set time aside from work duties to attend and also can get credit in Alamo Talent for participating.

So far, about 500 employees have attended both sessions. The February workshop broke down DEI definitions and some of the many DEI initiatives the college is involved in. The March 11 workshop examined critical race theory at colleges. The April session looked at academic freedom and strategies to share in the classroom. The last session garnered the largest attendance and shared results of a micro aggressions survey that employees took early in the semester and how the NVC Advocacy Team helps are most vulnerable students.

Below are the previous workshops.