Employees of the Month: Catarina Garza and Angela Cavazos

Catarina Garza

Cat is amazing at her job. She knows that serving students is the library’s top priority and she is always ready to help out. On top of all her job duties, she creates amazing flyers for events and social media.

She is our Canva guru! Cat is kind, honest, humble, hardworking, innovative, creative, and has courage to try new things. She works well with the library team and we appreciate everything she does for us and the students.

Angela Cavazos

Angela exemplifies the NVC culture by always looking for better ways to serve and support our students. She serves as a positive role model and continues her pursuit of knowledge. Angela is more than halfway to completing her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership in Higher Education.

Angela values developing and supporting each other to make NVC the best it can be for our students, our staff, our faculty and our community.

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