You Too Can Help with Summer Registration

In every team and department at Northwest Vista College, there are always great stories to tell that show faculty and staff going above and beyond.

While it’s hard to capture every story, we hope to periodically share in this space some of the major accomplishments or projects that are taking place. Members of the executive team will write about important topics that they feel NVC employees should be made aware of.

Let us know about the positive things your area is doing to help students or improve processes by contacting myself or NVC Public Relations.

– Dr. Ric Baser, NVC President



Robin Lund
Dean for Student Success

Spring is in the air… and so is summer!

Summer registration is slated to open March 25 for current students with 46-plus hours. The 46-plus hours include completed hours and currently registered hours. We have a 2 percent target for our enrollment growth and need everyone’s help in achieving our goals. Help students avoid last minute registration by helping to communicate with them early.

What can you do to help?

  1. Encourage students to check their accounts for registration holds.
  2. Tell students to check their ACES email accounts for updates and messages from their advisor to schedule an appointment.
  3. Remind students to keep appointments they have scheduled with their advisor.
  4. Volunteer for an outreach campaign by emailing Robin Lund at:

Please see the registration time-ticketing schedule below:

46 + hrs:  March 25-26

31 + hrs:  March 27-28

9 + hrs:   March 29-31

All students: April 1

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