Working with First-Year Students

Dr. Steven Rodriguez, assistant professor in Student Development at NVC, recently presented at the 37th annual conference on the First-Year Experience.

As a former university academic dean and career assessment expert, his presentation detailed his recent research helping students discern their talents and skills to refine their career and college major choices.

Dr. Rodriguez’s work has yielded gains in student career confidence and decision making, and he continues working to expand the research into curricular integration of career assessment in First-Year Experience (EDUC 1300/SDEV) courses.

Here’s the description of his session:

With college costs and course requirements ever on the rise in an increasingly unpredictable job market, college major and degree choice planning have perhaps never been more important. To help students achieve these goals, two first-year experience (FYE) courses were each offered different career assessments.

As recommended by the assessment publisher, one group was offered individual consultation after assessment, and the other class was not. The group that received consultation reported greater confidence in their career decision-making ability than the other group. Implications for curricular integration of career assessment in FYE courses will be offered.

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