What Licensed Concealed Carry Means at NVC

Licensed concealed carry is now a part of the vocabulary at Northwest Vista College. Just this semester, a Texas law that allows licensed gun holders to conceal carry their weapons in public places, went into affect for community colleges throughout the state.

An Alamo Colleges District panel discussed some of the ends and outs of what this means for employees at NVC. While each campus is different and has limitations where concealed weapons can be carried, Linda Boyer-Owens, associate vice chancellor of Alamo Colleges Human Resources, said this is the reality we are facing and we need to educate ourselves of the policy.

Other panelists included:

  • Ross Laughead – Lawyer, General Counsel
  • Mike Legg, Director of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Chief Don Adams – Chief of Police

Some of the questions asked from the audience included: how to tell students they are breaking the law by intentionally displaying a weapon; can weapons be brought to a family-centered event on campus; and if certain areas of the college can be off limits, such as science labs that store dangerous chemicals.

According to the Texas Tribune, there hasn’t been an increase in violence at college campuses because the law was implemented. To read the article, go here.

Mike Legg said it’s estimated that there could be about 1,100 licensed concealed carrying students throughout the colleges based on the fact that Texas residents must be 21 years of age or older to get a permit.

NVC President Dr. Ric Baser also added that NVC may have a lower percentage of students who conceal carrying since the age of our student population trends lower.

Linda Boyer-Owens added that the law states employees can not ask students or colleagues if they are carrying weapons.

To learn more about licensed concealed carry at Alamo Colleges, visit here. Also the Alamo Colleges Department of Public Safety officers will always, respond to reports of an armed individual. Anytime you see a weapon on campus, you should call the Alamo police (485-0911).

If you missed the meeting, you can view a recording here.

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