What Can I Do?

Please help me spread the news about Baldrige in the community. This is a sign that NVC and our sister colleges are committed to changing and improving. The needs of our students change and we continually adapt. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is not an accrediting agency. We voluntarily submitted our applications so that an external program could evaluate our commitment to excellence.

There has not been a Baldrige winner from higher education since 2005. Whether or not we earn this award, we will receive a feedback report that will tell us what we do well and what could be improved.

Our participation in this process helps us evaluate what we do and how we do it.  By continually improving, we can stay competitive in a city that has 22 institutions of higher learning (members of the Higher Education Council of San Antonio). We can increase our enrollment and further the trust that our business partners have in the quality of education we provide. This level of distinction can mean more scholarship dollars as well as quality internships and jobs for our graduates.

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