Vista Central Makes it Easy

Recently Student Success received a testimonial letter from a returning student on her anxiety to ease after going through our enrollment process. Read below:

My name is Anita Guzman, and after being away from school for so long, I decided to re-enroll at Northwest Vista College. I was extremely nervous about coming back because I let so much time go by due to this thing we all life. As I drove onto the campus, I realized just how much things had changed and I decided to take a walk around. Initially I felt overwhelmed but as I came across others and saw the beautiful renovations, I realized this was a new beginning. I began to feel calm and excitement come over me!

The one space, change in direction of the campus really caught my attention and before I knew it. I was not longer nervous. The newly opened Vista Central made it so easy to begin my new journey and I am excited to be able to start fresh. Thank you Northwest Vista College!


Anita B. Guzman (Anita is pictured left along with NVC’s Cynthia Zamudio on right)

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