Title V Math & Student Success Retreat

The NVC Math Paths team held a Student Success retreat on April 13 at the Holiday Inn Hotel to update employees on the innovative strategies this program has achieved and changes coming ahead.

This is the first conference for NVC Math Paths, which was born out of a federal Title V grant. The purpose of the grant was to help the college recognize the importance of incoming college students taking the appropriate math course for their skill level and desired career path. The comprehensive approach includes intensive counseling and helping staff with First Time In College (FTIC) students through Vista Central, iterative advising for continuing students, accelerating the developmental math sequence, and creating unique and clear pathways of mathematics courses for students to follow.

The keynote speaker was Nancy Stano, PhD, of The Dana Center. In 2013, nine community colleges (including Northwest Vista College) began working with The Charles A. Dana Center at UT-Austin as collaborators to inform and advise on the development of a nationwide approach to overhaul math at community colleges.

Because of the hard work of the NVC Math department and the authors of the grant, NVC recently competed for the prestigious Bellwether Award at the 2018 Community College Futures Assembly. NVC was one of 30 colleges selected from a group of 230 community colleges throughout the nation that were nominated by external entities. Since the conference earlier this year, NVC has taken this program on the road to teach other colleges on how they can do the same.

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