This Year Proved We can do Anything

In every team and department at Northwest Vista College, there are always great stories to tell that show faculty and staff going above and beyond.

While it’s hard to capture every story, we hope to periodically share in this space some of the major accomplishments or projects that are taking place. Members of the executive team will write about important topics that they feel NVC employees should be made aware of.

Let us know about the positive things your area is doing to help students or improve processes by contacting myself or NVC Marketing & Strategic Communications.

– Dr. Ric Baser, NVC President





Dr. Daniel Powell
Vice President for Academic Success

When someone asked you five years ago where you would be in five years, I am sure all of us got the prediction wrong.  Who could have predicted a global pandemic that would create unprecedented challenges? The news is full of coverage that causes anxiety and stress, not to mention the personal challenges we each face from family members passing away to educating our own children while we are trying to maintain a work schedule. But take a minute to think about all that we accomplished under these extraordinary conditions.

We are indeed glowing purple with pride as we reflect on all the ways we conquered these unchartered waters. We flipped an entire college to a virtual and remote environment in a matter of a few weeks! This required the support of everyone and, while although not perfect by a long shot, we did it and adapted along the way. The things we have learned will pay big dividends in the future and I am sure education will be reinvented as a result of these sustained conditions. We will rise up with a fearless approach to technology and distance education because of the tools we have learned during this period of time. NVC is in an area poised for growth and has the capacity to innovate and do extraordinary things that will make us very competitive as we dig our way out of this pandemic.

On Dec. 3, we will have our first drive-in graduation at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in addition to a Spring 2021 graduation. This is also the 25th anniversary for the college which is a major milestone. In the coming weeks, we should celebrate all that we accomplished despite the hurdles. We will take what we have learned from all this forward into a very exciting future. After this, we can do anything.


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