Thank YOU NVC Family – Highest Early Voting Site

By NVC Vice President for College Services Erin Sherman

Northwest Vista College served as a Bexar County early voting site from Oct. 13 through Oct. 30 and Election Day site on Nov. 3. NVC was the Bexar County early voting site with the HIGHEST number of ballots (24,410) cast onsite. Election Day voting traffic remained steady with nearly 85,000 ballots cast throughout Bexar County on Election Day.

Preparations for NVC serving as a voting site began during the summer and continued throughout the evening of Nov. 3. Several members of the NVC family have been critical in the planning and management of onsite voting. The team exhibited care while providing the community with a safe and supportive onsite experience. Multiple modifications were addressed creatively while maintaining the integrity of site safety and ongoing community support.

THANK YOU to the core team of Garvin Dansby, Migdalia Garcia, Sgt. Jill Sprowls, and Bernie Zertuche, who collaborated starting in the summer to develop and implement a comprehensive and flexible plan.

THANK YOU to countless individuals supporting the core team throughout early voting and Election Day. Rey Cardenas and Paulina Betancourt provided continuous onsite support, along with our Alamo Colleges Police officers. Our facilities team and housekeeping staff were steadfast in ensuring facilities were maintained and disinfecting protocols were implemented.

Serving our Bexar County community was possible through the collaboration of the NVC team, and we THANK YOU for guiding NVC’s efforts to provide a safe and accomodating voting site. Your commitment to our community guided our every step! THANK YOU!!

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