Team 9 –A Chronicle of Amazing Participation in the NVC Cares Campaign

While the secrets to their success in achieving a remarkable 88 percent participation in this year’s NVC Cares employee giving campaign may remain hidden, one thing we do know is that they are carrying their seven trophies with pride.

Oh, yes. One other thing. Team 9 also won all three Pizza for Participation parties.

Team 9 includes Math and Engineering, Title V and Russell Frohardt.

For the initial pizza party, the team chose to make a donation to the campaign rather than feast on pizza. With the $200 allocated for the party, the team contributed to both the Anthony Chalkley Endowed Scholarship and the Dennis Gittinger Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics.

When Team 9 discovered they had won the second and third pizza and participation contests, they elected to make a separate donation to the Dennis Gittinger Endowed Scholarship for Mathematics in memory of Deb Morgan and to have a holiday pizza party.

A photo below shows Team 9 at their pizza party with the seven weekly participation trophies they won.

Congratulations, Team 9!

Contributed by Lynne T. Dean, CFRE, Director of Institutional Advancement

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