Study Abroad Goes Stateside

This summer NVC will begin an exciting new experiential learning program called Study Stateside.

In the inaugural 2019 Study Stateside program, students will have the opportunity to tour iconic cities throughout the U.S. directly engaging in their own cultural history, and earning 6 course credit hours in History 1302 (U.S. History- Reconstruction to present) and Humanities 2319 (American Minorities).

The idea for this program came out of a series of conversations between NVC faculty, Sarah Ball and Neil Lewis, about the inaccessibility of Study Abroad for a large portion of their students.

“Study Abroad seemed out of reach for many of our students who either cannot afford the cost, or had never even traveled outside of Texas, so the idea of going someplace like India, China, or Europe just was too intimidating. We wanted to create a more affordable and accessible program that would give students a similar experience as Study Abroad, but within the U.S.” Ball said.

With the full support of the administration, Sarah and Neil have put together an enriching experiential learning opportunity for students that offers a hands-on approach to the cultural history of the U.S. and gives students the confidence and leadership skills that are built through travel.

Starting in May, the Study Stateside program will begin in Louisiana, visiting the Whitney Planation, the only plantation museum in Louisiana with a focus on slavery. Students will then travel to nearby New Orleans and discover the rich cultural and historical heritage including Jackson Square, a LGBTQ walking tour and lots of jazz music! After New Orleans, students will visit the brand new National Memorial to Peace & Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. The memorial honors the victims of lynching from around the US while also connecting racism of the past with on-going racism of today. Study Stateside will then move on to Washington, DC and explore the National Museums of African American History, Native Americans as well as the National Holocaust Museum. Finally, the program will end with visits to Chicago, Springfield, IL and Little Rock.

Applications for the program are due Feb. 1. The application form and more information can be found on the NVC Study Stateside website.




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