Students Give Feedback in Strategic Planning

What’s a great way to get student feedback besides giving them pizza? Give them donuts and let them give quick answers in a come-and-go format. This setting allowed 64 students to provide their feedback to the NVC Strategic Planning Steering Team.

The event was called “Donuts with the Deans” and deans Jennifer Comedy-Holmes, Patrick Fontenot and Russ Frohardt helped to facilitate discussions with students and get their comments on what the next five years of NVC should look like.

“This was a smart move by the college because it shows they are trying to make improvements. I think they are doing pretty good right now,” said Darrius Lewis, who recently moved from South Carolina to enroll in NVC’s Game Design program.

Brandon Escobedo, who’s been attending NVC for two semesters, said he provided an idea to allow more student clubs to advertise on campus other than just posting flyers.

Donuts with the Deans is a part of the Strategic Planning Team’s different approach this year to make the feedback process more inclusive and convenient. Different dates and times were provided to allow employees and faculty to come to go. The team even held a night meeting for many of our adjunct faculty who teach in the evenings.

For example, when asked “What extraordinary ideas do you have for the future of NVC,” students posted on sticky notes:

  • An ever larger career certificate selection
  • Continue to get great technology
  • Expand the fitness center
  • A bigger selection of majors

In addition to the meetings, there’s also an online Canvas course with information, such as the future of community colleges, the demographics San Antonio and the changes facing students. To go to the Canvas course, go here.

Here is the timeline of the events:

  • February-March 2018 – Town Hall Meetings
  • April 2018 – Develop draft of the Strategic Plan
  • Summer 2018 – Cabinet Approval
  • Fall 2018 – Strategic Plan 2018-2023 Launch


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