Students and Faculty Explore Podcasts During Pandemic

Learning and teaching has taken on a whole new creative process during this pandemic. A few instructors have turned to podcasts to engage their students in a different kind of way from talking with experts in the field to allowing students to craft their own audio essays.

In Marisela Barrera’s English 1301 class this semester, her students have adapted memoir’s into podcasts. Stories range from love, loss, immigration, social equity, growing up, and more. Marisela said the process has helped students connect and learn more about each other during this time of distance learning.

Her podcast project began last semester and has expanded this semester. She’s hoping to collaborate with the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center’s Radio Esperanza, a low-power radio station in San Antonio, to bring more listeners to the podcast. For now, listeners can tune into “NVC Voice: A Podcast for Northwest Vista College” on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, RadioPublic, or at this link:

In the NVC Mass Communications area, instructors Tim Molina and Mark Farris have also created their own podcast. They do interviews with industry professionals, infuse some media literacy, anecdotes about teaching and also include some life lessons. The pair started the podcast in late July and already have seven recordings on their podcast page that can be found here: 

Tim said his students are also responding positively to the podcast.

Jessica Salazar, an NVC student writes, “I am always on the lookout for network opportunities as well as internships! I listened to your podcast with PR specialist Melissa (Monroe-Young). Interestingly enough, I noticed that Melissa and I are connected on LinkedIn as she looked at my profile and liked my recent post.I love the podcast!”

Mark said he likes how Dr. Brain Woods, NISD superintendent said it, “‘back to better’ … as we entered these strange times instead of just trying to get back to normal. We should get back to something better. That is what this podcast has been for me. A challenge to reach my students in a better way.”

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