Student Success on a Mission!

When the spring semester started, a goal was created to increase enrollment by 2%. But at NVC, Student Success is taking on a “can-do spirit” and trying to reach for a 5% target.

To help visually see that goal, Student Success Advisor Trischa Morales created posters to showcase the team’s daily achievements in meeting enrollment milestones. She answered a few questions on just some of the work Student Success is doing to increase enrollment.

What was purpose behind it?

The Enrollment Services team plays a big role in regards to enrollment and registration. This summer we have taken on a number of initiatives in an attempt to boost enrollment, working with both current students and new applicants. This poster in particular was created for a department-wide mini WIG (Wildly Important Goal) to increase enrollment by 5% when compared to last fall. The data listed on the poster is updated every morning and gives us an idea on the results of our efforts.

Has it helped to motivate staff?

I know it has definitely motivated myself and the individuals I work with on a daily basis. For one – When it comes to our initiatives, it helps us visualize the fruits of our labor. Whenever we encounter a student who has hit a roadblock, we make it our goal to guide them through those steps so that they are no longer perceived as barriers. Each student we help gets us closer to that WIG and having a daily reminder like the poster really drives it home.

What other initiatives are you all doing to increase enrollment that’s unique or innovative?

Some of the initiatives we’ve taken to increase enrollment are:

  • Outreach via phone to current students who have not signed up for fall 2019 classes
  • Outreach via phone & email to students who have unpaid balances leading up to payment deadlines

I’m sure there are also initiatives being taken by each individual area within Enrollment Services. In Assessment & Testing, we are reaching out to students enrolled for New Student Orientation who specifically have TSI holds. This initiative was piloted by Alyssa Trevino and it has helped a number of students get through orientation who otherwise may not have been able to due to holds they were unaware of.

Any other feedback you want to provide?

Based on our current registration numbers – enrollment is up when compared to fall 2018… but not by 5%, which means we will continue to strategize ways to meet our WIG! Enrollment Services truly is a team – we all work together towards a shared goal and its awesome to see enthusiasm come from such a large group of people. I am very optimistic that we will be reaching that WIG!

Northwest Vista College Vice President Debi Gaitan said creating posters has been a great way to stay motivated on the goal.

“Each day, the team gets updated data that they then post on their board,” Debi added. “They are finding fun ways to stay focused on our enrollment growth and taking pride in publicly showcasing our progress.”

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