Student Career Coaching and Mentorship Program Seeks Alumni Faculty and Staff

La reVistaThe Northwest Vista College Business Council is seeking employee alumni mentors and coaches to help expand the Business Leader Career Coaching program.

Participants will be matched with a Student Development instructor and his or her class for one semester. Each coach or mentor will coordinate meetings or presentations with the class of first-year college students four times during a semester to share knowledge and personal experiences about college life and career success planning.

Vista alumni, employed at NVC, offer a perspective unlike any other for students new to the college landscape. The Career Coaching program fosters academic and professional development through the building of student/mentor relationships.

Since 2015, approximately 500 students have participated in the program. Past mentors have included 21 community leaders from 17 area businesses.

Coaching and mentoring session topics can include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Career Development / Resume Writing
  • Financial Literacy
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Ethical Decision Making

Learn more or sign up by contacting Lynne T. Dean at or 210-486-4135.

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