Special Visitors Come to NVC’s Water Resource Science Program

Northwest Vista College’s Water Resource Science program is getting some international attention. Last Friday, a group from a Central Asian country met with Dr. Howard Marquise of the NVC Workforce program to learn how students are taught about preserving and maintaining water – a vital resource that’s often in low supply for drinking purposes in many desert-type countries.

The tour, which was organized by the San Antonio Council for International Visitors and the U.S. Department of State, included a meeting with Dr. Marquise, interpreters and a quick tour of the Water Resource Science lab, which is located at NVC’s Westside Education and Training Center.

The international delegation were participating in a project entitled “Water Usage,” that included visiting several cities in the U.S. with the objective of examining relevant topics (including local government water restrictions guidelines & enforcement; environmental issues & community activism; and control, purification, & distribution of drinking water).

Dr. Marquise said he was surprised to learn how the male visitors asked questions surrounding what is a two-year college, and who is eligible to be in the program. They were also surprised to see how young a recent NVC alumni was.

Miranda Vigil met with the delegation and told them she entered NVC’s program after high school and received her associate degree. She is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Water Resource Science program at Texas A&M San Antonio. Miranda also works at San Antonio Water System.

Dr. Marquise said he wasn’t sure how the delegation heard about NVC’s program and he didn’t think they were visiting other colleges while briefly in San Antonio. The Central Asian delegation was at WETC less than an hour and didn’t want to be pictured or their country named in any publicity.

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