… She Genuinely Cares About Her Students

After every student advising appointment, students are given a satisfaction survey, in which they have the opportunity to leave comments about their visit.

Cheri Burnside and Christina Brown have started a tradition called “Cheri’s Top 10,” where she reviews the hundreds of comments at the end of each month and (attempts) to pick her top 10 favorites where the advisor really went above and beyond. The comments are then posted in the break room on their “WOW Board.”

Andrew Cervantes is an awesome advisor, and really puts things clearly in perspective for me. He is working with me to help me graduate and transfer.

Elladean Lopez was able to answer all of the questions that I had, or, if she was not able to answer the question herself, was able to provide a resource that I could use (faculty, department, or phone number) to help me find the answer.  Overall, a very positive visit.

As usual, Stacy Festger saw me without an appointment and was very helpful. She is the most helpful advisor I have had at Northwest Vista. I need assistance with transferring because my wife is in the military, but Stacy helped me with options for that.

I have been dreading seeing my advisor since I enrolled in NVC, but Elisabeth Jones is amazing and made it so easy for me! She helped me understand my options. I walked out of her office feeling very sure and overwhelmingly happy about my future plans.

Lori Villarreal is a fantastic advisor! She answered questions and concerns I was not even aware I had.

Mr. Saucedo was SO amazing! He was so helpful and encouraging and was able to answer every question that I had perfectly. Definitely one of the best advisors.

Ms. Sommerville was an awesome advisor! You can tell she genuinely cares about her student’s success.

Ms. Vasquez is great, very welcoming and always there to help me with what I need. She is a great advisor!

Ms. Eaker is a new advisor for me and after today, I feel like she will really help me follow my career path. She showed a lot of respect and gave me a ton of great advice. Overall great advising session!

Ms. Mayberry was an amazing adviser, perhaps my favorite so far. She helped me plan my path for transferring to my chosen university, offered to send me extra material, and directed me to other resources that may help me even further. Great advice.

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