Share Your VistaVersary

This year NVC is celebrating 25 years! How many years have you been employed at Vista? Share Your VistaVersary on NVC’s Employee Facebook page! You will also receive an invitation to join us next Wed., Sept. 2 for a special VistaVersary Zoom session when we’ll reminisce and share Vista stories of our years of service to NVC.

In honor of your VistaVersary, please consider donating to the #WildcatsTogether Employee Giving Campaign.  If you’ve been with Vista for one year, please consider donating $1 per paycheck to the Employee Giving Campaign. There are 24 paychecks so that would be a donation of $24.

If you’ve been at Vista for 10 years, perhaps you want to make a one-time donation of $10 or multiply your years by Vista years. Decide the level of your donation that is appropriate for your budget. NVC employee donations support our students, our programs and the community.

To see a list of funds, click on the Alamo Colleges Foundation Fund Codes.

To donate, log into ACES and click on Employee tab, and then on Employee Giving Campaign image.


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