September Employee of the Month – Adela Gonzales

Adela Gonzales
Academic Program Coordinator- Teaching with Technology 

What her peers say anonymously

Sometimes the hardest workers are the ones who quietly persist behind the scenes, putting the needs of our students first without any fanfare. Each year, Adela facilitates the Orientation to Online Learning for as many as 4,000 students – yes, 4,000.

She provides individualized responses and feedback to each one of those students, all to help make them better online learners. And it is obvious Adela does it well, as NVC enjoys one of the best online success rates in the state. Although she is never one out cheerleading on the front lines, Adela never has an unkind word. She is supportive of the team, our students, and our college. I can always count on the nominee to provide a level-headed response to any situation.

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