Saying Goodbye to Gladys Malave

Northwest Vista College is sad to announce that long-time NVC faculty member, Gladys Malave, passed away on Dec. 17, 2020. Gladys celebrated her 20th anniversary with Alamo Colleges in 2018.

Here’s a tribute from NVC’s Andrea Anderson:

“Gladys was one of the first 12 people who started NVC. She was one of the first two who started the Biology discipline. Just several years ago, she had two blind sisters register for her Biology 1406 class. This resurged her heart and her energy. She went through each lab in that class and made it friendly and do-able for blind people. She engineered equipment so the girls could do the labs just as everyone else. She met with these girls often to assist them in any way she could. They were not looking for hand-outs; they wanted to be treated fairly and equally, and Gladys did this. Her heart and soul went into this endeavor. This was the passion she put into our college, NVC. Her heart was huge for her students. Her presence and her force will be a gap that  is hard to fill.”

9 comments on “Saying Goodbye to Gladys Malave

  • A most heartfelt goodbye to you, Gladys. It was a pleasure getting to know you over the past several years. Your tireless work for Olivia and Katy to have a meaningful “tactile biology” class was second to none and an example of your commitment to your students. Thank you for your part in hiring me so many years ago. This has been the most rewarding job of my life, and I know you are receiving your rewards are in heaven right now. See you on the other side.

  • One of the most inspiring, beautiful people I had the privilege of meeting at NVC. Her passion for educating students was her joy. Gladys will truly be missed, her legacy will always live on at Northwest Vista College

  • Always a smile, an enthusiastic kind word, indomitable spirit—Gladys was a joy to know as a colleague and champion for our students. I will miss you.

  • I am in complete shock to hear of Gladys’ passing. She was such a good friend, teacher, and mentor. She was the epitome of “students first.” I witnessed her paying for the class materials for students in Biology so that they did not have to drop the course.
    She made a home for my daughter’s tree frog and created a natural habitat for it. There isn’t enough room here to write everything I am feeling right now.

    Rest in Peace and may perpetual light shine upon you.

  • Gladys was one of a kind. I will miss her wonderful accent, her singing and her commitment to access for her students with disabilities. In 28 years of doing this important work, I have not seen another faculty member go so much ‘above and beyond’ what’s required as Gladys did to ensure access to her course materials. She was such an inspiration! I will miss her very much!

  • Gladys always had a smile ready for you; an environmentalist and superb teacher committed to her students and their pursuit of science.
    Her passions were authentic, and her vision will stay here with us.
    I am in shock that we have suffered such a profound loss.
    My condolences to her family; I wish we were on campus to grieve her passing together.
    Rest in peace, Gladys.

  • Gladys. It is hard to believe, so so hard. You have been there as long as I can remember, y le mando pesame a tu familia, y a tus estudiantes. No lo creo. You were the first Latina I met at NVC who made me feel at home, and you taught me about the biology of my throat and the wisdom of generational sayings about health and medicine, family warnings my primas always had about the dangers of getting sick from drinking ice water. You said, “Ice will keep the good bacteria from thriving in your body that works best at warmer temperatures. There is something to that generational wisdom passed on by women in our families. It is worth listening to them.” Gladys, that was not all, but your amazing mind for science and knowledge was present throughout our campus and cannot be surpassed, and your amazing eyes and sight-story will always teach me how to teach. Bless you, hermosa, maestra, amiga. XO

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