Safeguard Your Devices and Accounts to Prevent Disruptions

Cybercrime has been on the rise during the pandemic with many students and employees learning and working from home and falling vulnerable to cyber attackers.

Northwest Vista College students, faculty and staff are asked to safeguard their devices and accounts to prevent disruptions. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your digital life safe:

  1. Lock Down Your Login
  2. When in Doubt, Throw it Out
  3. Keep a Clean Machine
  4. Back it Up
  5. Own Your Online Presence
  6. Share with Care
  7. Get Savvy About WiFi Hotspots
  8. Reboot for Updates

The National Cybersecurity Alliance is also a good resource to learn more about basic ways to safe online. Here’s a helpful article:

Here’s how to stay safe online – in the pandemic and beyond

To get help from NVC’s Information & Communication Technologies (IT) team, go here.

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