Red Eye Crew: Barbara Hausen

In all the years La reVista has been covering the “Red Eye Crew,” it has recently learned it has never covered one original member – Barbara Hansen.

Northwest Vista’s Gary Bowling leads a small group of caffeinated-charged instructors who teach at 6:30 am. He said this fall there will be 13 classes held at 6:30 am – the most in NVC history. To read about this energetic bunch that we affectionately call the “Red Eye Crew,” go here.

Barbara Hausen

For the last 13 years, Barbara has been teaching general psychology at 6:30 am. Barbara said the main reason why she has stuck around so long is because no one else wanted to teach that early. She likes to think of it as job security. The best part is that she’s usually finished with her day when other faculty are just getting started.

Barbara said at sunrise she notices that her students are more livelier than her 8 am class and many choose the early-morning class because they are trying to get to work soon after or even rushing back home to take their children to school. Even though Barbara has to wake up at 5 am to get to class on time, she loves getting to campus and finding any parking space she wants. Often she sees all the critters on campus, and she even saw NVC Dean Pat Fontenot once, who also gets to campus early. She said he graciously walked her to class because it was dark on campus.


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