Promotion Opportunities for Departments at HalloVISTA 2017

On Saturday, Oct. 21  from 4 pm to 9 pm, Northwest Vista College will have an outdoor screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with food trucks, a haunted house, a trick-or-treat area, a dance performance and games and activities for kids. The event is free and open to the public.

The audience for the event is the community surrounding Northwest Vista College, current and prospective students, as well as faculty and staff of NVC. Last year, the event attracted over 1,000 attendees of all ages.

HalloVISTA is a community event that has several goals:

  • To recruit and sign up new students
  • To provide information to current and prospective students about our programs and services
  • To promote the unique culture of NVC to the community and bring new visitors to our campus
  • To foster positive relationships with our local community and San Antonio businesses.

Department and Program Opportunities

Please consider promoting NVC and your department or program with an activity or by sponsoring one of our areas and handing out your information.

Your area can:

  • Sponsor a specific activity or location,
  • Decorate a door and hand out treats in HalloVISTA Hall (trick-or-treating for kids),
  • Request an exhibitor table to provide information to attendees


Send a short proposal for an activity you would like to do for the event. Some ideas include:

  • A spell-binding READING of Casper the Friendly Ghost for children,
  • chilling SPEECH on Edgar Allen Poe (or one of his poems),
  • scary BIOLOGY Department skeleton and a discussion on bones,
  • hairraising CHEMISTRY experiment,
  • haunting MUSIC ensemble,
  • frightening HISTORY of Halloween,
  • The PSYCHOLOGY of the brain (mmmbrraaiins)!

We have a cauldron of ideas and can help you find a way to promote your department or program!

Send a short proposal or exhibitor table request to Event Coordinator Lisa McDaniel, at no later than Friday, Sept. 29. For questions, call Lisa at 486-4687.

If you require help with a budget, please include that in your request. (There is no guarantee that financial help can be provided.)

You will be responsible for coordinating the:

  • Setting up and cleaning of your area and/or table
  • Scheduling of departmental volunteers to help with your activity and to hand out information, candy, and/or toys (candy and toys are provided by NVC PR).
  • Communicating your volunteer list with Volunteer Coordinator Gerona Nylander at

Volunteers will be provided training on emergency procedures, an event T-shirt and a snack area. Pre-registering guarantees your ordered T-shirt size. All faculty, staff and students who want to volunteer for general areas of the event, go here.



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