Pizza with the President Provides Important NVC Student Stats

What is one way to get students to attend an event? Give them free pizza and a chance to win some free money. On Thursday, April 11, 345 students attended “Pizza with the President, in collaboration with NVC’s Student Government Association, Men of Vista Engaged, Financial Aid and the President’s Office.

In addition to pizza, students were given an advocacy survey and had the opportunity to sign up to get $100 from the $10,000 pool that the NVC Financial Aid office was giving out to students.

The survey asked a variety of questions that dealt with students needing services beyond academics from housing, food and transportation. Out of the 345 students who attended the event, 324 students filled out the survey. Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • 66.36% – Most valuable service needed financial assistance programs (medical insurance, enrollment, indigent care referrals, food pantry, etc)
  • 62% – Most valuable service needed career preparation programs.
  • 42% live 5-10 miles away
  • 30% live 10-20 miles away
  • 60% would live in housing or apartments close to NVC
  • 49% would pay less than $500 am month; 36% $500-600 a month
  • 14% have an immediate need for housing
  • 85% value having a health service clinic on campus
  • 41% would use a health clinic service on campus (15 students ¬†wrote in to have a sexual health and wellness center)
  • 42% would prefer a walk-in clinic
  • 82% worry about not having enough money to pay for next semester
  • 21% do not know how they are going to pay for next semester
  • 66% worry about being able to pay current monthly expenses
  • 64% have skipped a meal, ate less, or choose less nutirous food because they worried about cost
  • 95% would utilize financial support
  • 68% would utilize a free business clothing service

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