Outstanding Employees for October and November

Here are the Employees of the Month for October and November:

November: Felicia King
Certified Academic Advisor, Student Success

Felicia goes above and beyond in work. She’s always on top of tasks and projects given. She not only works well within the department, but engages and networks with faculty and staff outside of the department.

Felicia demonstrates a strong commitment to students, mutual respect, and trust amongst colleagues and community partners. As part of the team, she has kept in contact with numerous employers throughout the years and creates lasting relationships. By creating these relationships, Felicia creates creative opportunities for students to connect with employers and job readiness skills. There’s always something new to learn when working with her and we are grateful for all she has done for the team and students.

October: Jewel Graw
Academic Lab Technician, Natural and Physical Sciences

Jewel has definitely made a positive impact on the efficiency of her work area. She is able to take different parts of the job, including the people involved, to work together for a better experience for our students.

Her diligence, work ethic, and consistency have produced excellent results in [the work area], amidst all the different responsibilities of work. This can also be seen in the work study students that are trained.

Jewel always has a smile… even when the classes are left in less than perfect conditions. She will politely ask students to clean up their mess. Her attitude is positive, firm and professional. She takes the initiative in reorganizing the classroom environment which had been neglected for too long.  Now things are properly organized and inventoried…

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