October Bragging Breakfast has Harry Potter Theme

It was thundering and lighting during the October Bragging Breakfast. The storm acoustics were really from a video playing to set the mood for the Harry Potter theme while faculty and staff were getting breakfast and mingling.

Michael Lee Gardin, president of NVC Faculty Senate, which hosted the breakfast, shared the purpose of the organization and its goals. Michael congratulated NVC student Joshua Hatten, who is studying music therapy, for earning a Faculty Senate scholarship. NVC faculty Aaron Prado, who’s also a part of NVC Faculty Senate, also explained the role of Faculty Senate, which is to help provide shared governance to district and college administration.

Along with NVC Faculty Senate, many NVC adjunct faculty have organized to form the NVC Adjunct Faculty Senate. Dain Zachery of Humanities said the goal is to make adjuncts feel like they are a part of the college community.

NVC Dean Charles Hinkley talked briefly about a new faculty mentoring program that will launch soon. He said despite past efforts to coordinate faculty mentoring, he feels like the committee working on this new initiative has created a sustainable model to be successful and create meaningful relationships with students.

NVC faculty Brian Stout said initially he was one of the skeptics of creating this program again, but feels this time around they have the model right. He added what makes it work this time around is that they brought in advisors so both faculty and advisors are on the same page when giving students advice.

NVC Dean Russ Frohardt shared how NVC has a variety of community partnerships that not only helps students, but provides some great exposure for the college. He said the Title V – Community Math Grant project is about to partner with a second community center on San Antonio’s West Side; a recent memorandum of understanding was signed with UTSA and the Alamo Colleges District to benefit Engineering students; and St. Mary’s University has started a partnership with Dual Credit to incorporate its graduate teaching students in dual credit classrooms.

Julie Boermn, director of the NVC Dual Credit & High School program, said that current dual credit enrollment at NVC is 3,800 students. She said enrollment could increase in the near future with a new high school opening soon in the area, as well as a new STEM-focused middle school.

A group of NVC students had a priceless opportunity in the NVC Study Stateside program. NVC faculty Sarah Ball and Neil Lewis shared how their History and Humanities classes toured different memorials in the United States that dealt with racism, slavery, the Holocaust, veterans and the LGBT community. Neil said the trip was emotional and powerful. Sarah said she and a group of students also got to share their experiences on Texas Public Radio’s “Fronteras” radio show. Listen here.


  • NVC Adjunct Faculty Senate will be hosting a mixer on Saturday, Oct. 19. For more information, email Dain at dwood34@alamo.edu or Mark Camann at Mcamann@alamo.edu
  • Tori Martinez of NVC Dual Credit program announced NVC Staff Senate is looking for nominations for the 2020 NISOD conference in Austin. To nominate a person, go here.
  • Wildcat Wow Days – come celebrate NVC successes as each program, discipline and service unit reports on an outstanding accomplishment and their cycles of continuous improvement on Nov. 8, Nov. 22 and Dec. 13.
  • The District employee of the month is Minerva Muniz. Read here.
  • The NVC employee of the month for October is Priscilla Muniz. Read here.
  • There’s still time to be a superhero and donate $10 per pay period, and Dr. Baser will add $10 to complete the equivalent to a full scholarship. To donate, go here.


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