NVC’s Purchasing and Asset Management Move to Footprints

Get ready for a new process to handle Purchasing and Asset Management services:

Who: Anyone requesting to purchase or move furniture, technology or equipment at NVC

What: It’s easier than ever to request to purchase or move furniture, technology and equipment from NVC’s Purchasing and Asset Management teams. Both have moved in to their very own space in the Footprints neighborhood alongside neighbors IT, PR, and IR. Very little is changing for the end user other than the location and look of the application being used to submit and review action requests.

When: Starting Friday, Jan. 20

How: You are likely already familiar with using Footprints for other college services, such as IT Help Desk. You’ll find the link to Footprints on the Employee tab in ACES or can access it directly at http://footprints.alamo.edu. Once you log in, simply change the workspace in the upper-right side of the page as shown below.  Then select New Ticket or New Purchase Request in the upper-left side of the page.

For those who may be new to Footprints, a comprehensive tutorial is available to get you started. Our Alamo Share sites will continue to be available with information and resources, but we will redirect you to our new Footprints space to request service.

Why: Footprints will ensure continuous, reliable availability and support. Because SharePoint is not a top tier enterprise system, it is not supported as closely as other key applications like ACES, Footprints and Banner. Footprints is also already used by other common service units, such as IT and PR, which minimizes the learning curve and risk of using a new system. Finally, Footprints is well-equipped for our teams to monitor activity and run reports to ensure our processes are efficient.

Feedback: We have worked closely with the ICT Applications team to develop and test these new workspaces. We continue to partner with them to gather feedback to further improve the systems to meet your needs. Please use the links below to provide feedback directly to us:

Asset Management Workspace Feedback Form
Purchasing Workspace Feedback Form

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