NVC Welcomes Food Bank Liaison

Northwest Vista College welcomes Paul Mata, case assistance navigator, representing the San Antonio Food Bank. Paul is stationed at Huisache Hall in the Food Pantry. In this role, he helps clients get access to federal benefits, such as food benefits (SNAP), Medicaid and other financial resources.

Paul, who has been a part of the Food Bank for 12 years, said in emergencies people often don’t know who to turn to and he likes to put clients at ease and take out the fear and embarrassment of applying for federal help. At NVC, while Paul will help students seeking benefits, employees and the outside community are welcome to visit with him.

Prior to working at the Food Bank, Paul served in the Air Force for 21 years and was stationed at Berlin, Germany and Maryland. The San Antonio native also was a student at Northwest Vista, Palo Alto and San Antonio College. He received a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M San Antonio. Paul is looking forward to selling his house near NVC and build a new one in the Hill Country.

To reach Paul, email him at pmata24@alamo.edu or callĀ (210) 486-4364.

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