NVC Student Success Loses a Dear Friend

patricia-ramirez-nvc-fiesta-2016Patricia Jean Ramirez was not only a friend to many Northwest Vista College employees, but one of those ideal colleagues everyone needs.

She could brighten up a room with her positivity. Her infectious laugh was contagious. And she helped many hungry coworkers by sharing snacks and chocolates.

But to many of her colleagues, it was her humility that won them over. Sadly, Pat died on Friday, Aug. 26. In spite of her passing, she left many of her co-workers with touching memories of her.

I’m going to miss your smile. I’m going to miss your laughter. I’m going to miss your kindness and generosity,” said NVC colleague JoDee Cortez on Pat’s online obituary

patwintersocial“My favorite memories will always be when I had to pick an area to shadow and I always wanted to shadow the front counter just so I can get to know you better and talk to students,” said NVC co-worker Joseph Duran on Pat’s obituary. “You always treated me with so much kindness and respect in the short time we had together. Thanks for treating me like a human being and wanting to know me.”

Debi Gaitan, NVC vice president for Student Success, got to closely work with Pat when she began part time at NVC.

“She was always joyful and ready to help in any way she could. She was such a positive person who always praised her colleagues and dedicated herself to the success of students,” Debi said. “We were all thrilled when she was hired full time to serve on our Advising team. She was loved by all and will be tremendously missed.”

Pat died at the young age of 61. She came to NVC in 2010 first as a part-time employee and then became full time in 2013. In 2014, she became an Advising Team Support Specialist in Student Success.

Pat was an active member of the NVC Staff Council and could be seen at many events from cooking up hotdogs at last year’s HalloVista event, walking in the NVC Shortest Fiesta Parade to taking a day off in order to plan and facilitate last year’s Memorial Day luncheon for employees.

To honor her memory, NVC Staff Council recently voted to annually honor one of its members with the Pat Ramirez Involvement Award. The award will go to a Staff Council member who exhibits ongoing participation and dedication to Staff Council like Pat did.

Pat you will be missedgreatly as part of our Staff Council member and friend. I loved how we would have fun and laugh when we worked on Staff Council events as volunteers,” said NVC coworker and Staff Council member Alice Martinez on Pat’s obituary. “I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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  • She will be missed by all! Yes, her infectious laughter; her smile blessed us all. I can still hear her soft voice every now and then. I never worked in any of the department Pat was at. I can’t even remember how I meet Pat. It seems like I have always known her. I just keep running into her around campus and at volunteer events. I was glad when she joined Staff Council. She was so helpful to me; never told me she was too busy to help me. Oh that laugh! What a laugh! I can see her face as I am typing right now laughing and giggling putting her hand to her face. I know one day I will see my dear friend on the last day praising the Lord and maybe even laughing and giggling together!

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